Our Services

We have a team of accredited Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers and a Registered Medical Practitioner offering medical acupuncture, to assist with injury rehabilitation, pain management, improved health & fitness and for chronic disease management.  Whether you are in need of injury rehabilitation, assistance with managing a chronic health condition, would like to lose weight, improve your fitness or simply know you would like to improve your health but aren’t sure where to start, we can help you.

At Healthy Training, we conduct full health and lifestyle appraisals as well as physiological assessments to get the best possible overview of your individual health status. With this information on hand, we are able to address your individual needs and give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals, whatever they may be. If you do have non-correctable issues, we can help teach you about your safe limits and how to find optimum function within these limits. We can also teach you how to listen to your body to make the right choices, free from food cravings, calorie counting or false ideas about what is and is not healthy.

The end result will be a new you. With renewed vitality, looking well, feeling well, moving well and free of pain, we will help you restore or enhance your confidence in your body and in yourself as a whole.

“The formula for change is when the desire for change is greater than the resistance to change” (Brad Sugar). If you are ready to make that change, call us today on 6221 1675 to learn how to experience what true health and vitality really feels like.

For more information on what Physiotherapy can offer you, please take a look at the following link:  www.physiotherapy.asn.au